Following the passing of our long-time pianist Tim Wilby the band is looking for a good pianist to join the band on a regular basis.  We rehearse regularly in Chorley and perform regularly.  Initially we would arrange for you to cover a month's worth of rehearsals and a concert in order that you can evaluate us, and we you without any big commitment from either side. Please contact Ian using the contact page to discuss possibilities.

 Photographs courtesy of Mark Byrne, Ian Hunter and John Critchley.   Visit Mark's website at


Karen Byrne - Lead Alto 

 Yvonne Elsden - Alto 

John Critchley - Lead Tenor 

Alison Robinson - Tenor 

Emily McArthur - Baritone



Ian Hunter - Lead Trumpet and Band Leader  

Nikki Taylor-Wylde - Trumpet 

John Holt - Lead Trombone  

Mike Lormor - Trumpet 

John Armbrister - Trombone
Harry Armitage - Trombone



Damien Wilton - Guitar

Jason Gerrol - String Bass 

 Dave Minshull - Drums


Eddie Smith 

Adam Critchley 

Guests and Previous Band Members 

Sara  Creeney - Vocalist 

Chris Hewitt - Vocalist

Helen Elliott  - Vocalist

Dawn Vickers  - Vocalist


Lindsay Taylor - Trombone 

    Arun Kent - Bari Sax


Mike O'Hagan - Drums  

Ali Roocroft - Drums


 Nicola Cooper - Saxophone

Bernie Hill - Saxophone


Lynne Williams - Saxophone 

 Dawn Fowler - Saxophone


Phil Hayes - Trombone 

Adam Seed - Trumpet 

Glenn Hartley - Guitar 

Des Worthington - Trumpet

 Tim Wilby - Keyboards 

 Roland Parsons - Trumpet